Quick Overview


  • Open Display Unit.
  • Electronic Control of Temperature & Defrost.
  • Dynamic Cooling System.
  • Internal LED Lighting.
  • Cabinets can be Multiplexed.
  • Adjustable Shelves.
  • Manufacturer:


  • Jerash is a new elegant vertical cabinet with a positive temperature range.
  • Jerash can be provided with accessories which makes it an excellent display tool for all types of refrigerated products, such as pre-packed meat, fresh fruit, and vegetables, dairy products, etc.
  • The external body is made of PVC coated galvanized steel.
  • Internal body and shelves are made of powder-coated galvanized steel.
  • Shelves are adjustable in height and inclination with PVC transparent ticket holder.
  • Internal base is made of one PVC skin platted galvanized steel piece to prevent dirt trapping and us also inclined for easier inclined and water disposing.
  • The body is insulated with CFC free polyurethane foam of thickness 60mm and (38-42) kg/m3 density.
  • Fan assisted cooling system for even distribution of temperature with electronic temperature and defrosting control.
  • A shock-resistance Stainless Steel bumper.
  • Low noise & low energy efficient condensing unit.
  • It can be multiplexed with other Jerash or Akka cabinet.